Token metrics

DinoWars has own unique tokenomics. The presented tokenomics numbers provide information on how the governance token DINW will be distributed among all protocol participants. The reference date from the start of Tokenomics is the TGE, which is scheduled for Q3, 2023.

The TGE is tied to the release time of the DinoWars beta version. It sets the date of the vesting start, the first game activities, the entry of players into the game, the beta testing, in-game token launch, etc. The total token supply will be 50 million DINW tokens, which will be issued in the BSC network.

1️⃣ Early contributors

22% of the token supply is allocated for the private round of the tokensale scheduled for Q1, 2023. Participants of the private round will have a cliff of 3 months starting from TGE. As early investors, they benefit from a 10% token split at the end of the cliff, followed by 9-month linear vesting. Cliff is designed to have an end just after the beta testing (which is followed by the stable release of DinoWars). Participants of the private round will have a separate vesting smart contract with all the specified parameters.

2️⃣ Launchpad

4% of the token supply is allocated to the early DinoWars community, namely to participants of the public token sale round. As with private investors, participants in the public round will have a cliff of 3 months from TGE followed by linear vesting of 9 months. The estimated cliff will end after beta testing until the stable release of the game. The vesting period is carefully to match the game stabilization time. So it ends just at the moment when the protocol mechanics balance the emission and the utility of the DINW token.

3️⃣ Team

The development of DinoWars has already started, and the development team is already working on the creation of the game. However, the DinoWars roadmap is not limited to a year and a half, and the DinoWars team has many more features in store. Therefore, a special token pool of 11% has been allocated. It will stimulate future development (after the release of the first version of the game and its stabilization). These tokens have a cliff of one year from the time of TGE with subsequent vesting of one and a half years. This period is calculated to exclude any project risks from the market's oversaturation - therefore, this part of the tokens will be locked in a smart contract.

4️⃣ Partnership

This is part of the tokens to incentivize early partners of the project and advisors. DinoWars team values those who have supported the development since its inception. So, it is a small pool of 3% for marketing and technical advisors. They have a 6-month lock with one-year linear vesting after it.

5️⃣ Marketing

To increase adoption, DinoWars has additional marketing activities planned:

  • establishment of partnerships;

  • cross-program support with partner protocols and platforms;

  • work with influencers;

  • expansion of project adoption and additional incentivization of the community through social activities, airdrops, etc.

The pool of DINW tokens for marketing activities contains only 5% of the supply and is also subject to vesting for one year. It is an essential part of the DinoWars protocol, which will play its role during the game's adoption.

6️⃣ Liquidity

The team will use this part of the tokens to create exchange liquidity pairs. Work on establishing liquidity begins from the moment of TGE, and 10% of the token supply is allocated for this. However, this part of the tokens is also subject to vesting, which will last nine months. But in order to generate enough liquidity for the protocol to function and for availability to the first players in the DinoWars beta version, 15% of this pool will be unlocked at the time of TGE.

7️⃣ Players

This is a part of tokens prepared for prizes in lotteries, events, and activities for game mechanics. This part of the game mechanics also starts with a cliff in 2 months. So it will last during the beta testing of the first version of DinoWars and will start together with the first set of events in the game. The program is planned for two and a half years. Afterward, the reward pool enters a balanced round of replenishment from commissions within the protocol.

8️⃣ Treasury

It is a portion of tokens canned for the upcoming DinoWars expansion. It acts as a reserve pool that can be used to replenish rewards, further development, or other activities related to the growth of the protocol. 5% of the supply will be locked up for one year with further vesting in 18 months.

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