Blockchain components

The most critical components of the Play2Earn game (of course, after the interest of the community) are the transparency of the reward system, its stability and reliability, and the player's undisputed right to his rewards. All these components are implemented on-chain.

For DinoWars 🦖, these are crucial elements of the ecosystem:

1️⃣ a set of smart contracts deployed on BSC;

2️⃣ a system of two tokens (gaming and governance) deployed on-chain;

3️⃣ a decentralized system of match rewards and rewards for activities and participation in events;

4️⃣ decentralized in-game transactions system and marketplace;

5️⃣ valuable items and artifacts in the form of NFTs;

6️⃣ a fully backed in-game token supported by the gateway implemented on smart contracts;

7️⃣ several staking systems for players and early adopters;

8️⃣ DAO and protocol management system and parameters tuning;

9️⃣ all in-game token emission control mechanisms are implemented on smart contracts.

The powerful decentralization of the protocol on which DinoWars 🦖 is based allows you to focus on developing the gameplay. All functions related to the economy of the protocol, its balance, and rewards are implemented on-chain and based on a system of smart contracts. Thus, the decentralization of the elements listed above helps to achieve several goals:

1️⃣Transparent reward system - the user owns all earned tokens and NFTs; they are all in the player's pocket, under his control.

2️⃣ Reliable reward system - separation of operations for the game and governance token, as well as the introduction of a stable price of the in-game token, excludes the possibility of speculation due to volatility and supports the stability of internal operations.

3️⃣ Fully backed – the in-game token secures player's rewards; it is supported by creating a protocol gateway for its purchase.

4️⃣ The decentralized marketplace and provision of artifacts in the form of NFTs support the in-game economy and give players reliable processes for exchanging and buying in-game and non-game items.

5️⃣ Fully managed rewards issuance processes provide a stable token circulation system and protocol balance.

6️⃣ Various mechanisms of staking, lotteries, and rewards for events and activities positively affect the balance within the game, allowing you to focus on the gameplay and work on increasing the players' interest.

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