Marketing strategy

Any product needs strong marketing, and ours is no exception. But since our task is not just to sell NFTs to our players, we plan to go not according to the classical scheme of attracting an audience to the project.

Despite the fact that the game is still in development, we are already supported by the crypto community. Our partners are channel owners with more than 10 000 000 crypto audiences. As soon as influencers see that we have removed the pyramid, they immediately want to become partners in our project. We believe that this support is worth a lot.

Since we are making cool gameplay that will be interesting for players, we focus on the fact that the admins not only show how much they earned in the game, but make reviews of new characters, strategies and game tactics. People will play online and cover their game, which is included in the marketing plan.

We have signed agreements with major streamers with a total audience of 7 195 000 people. They will make at least 5 streams per hour showing how they play, what characters they like and how they make money from it.

But no matter how many people admire influencer marketing, we believe it is not a predictable and not scalable tool. Sure, it’s good to have it as an additional tool, but you can’t use it as the main tool and bet on it.

We are numbers geeks, so we build our business solely on the UNIT economy and understanding important business metrics: cost per install the game, conversion to engaged player, cost of attracting player, LTV, LTE etc.

That is why we will use traditional methods in the form of Facebook Ads, ASO, Google, etc, because it is something that is digitized, scaled and works according to clear KPI.

We believe that 👇

P2E as a hype should already die. P2E as a business with key metrics and clear calculations is the future.

The diagram clearly shows how we plan to work with the acquisition funnel, retention and returning the audience. For a more complete diagram, please follow the link.

We don’t focus on gathering an audience on social media, because if you look at the engagement statistics in them, we will see a very meager %. Projects pay for subscribers who cool down and get lost in the flow of other chats and groups.

We collect the audience in the E-mail database, which allows us to increase engagement in the project. The open rate of emails is significantly higher than the % of views in social networks. In addition, the life of such a database is much longer and we can track the user's actions, by moving him from one funnel to another.

Proof of our hypothesis is the fact that we are one of the first projects whose users get tattoos while the game is still in development.

We didn't pay not one $ to these people

Our database now contains more than 55 000 E-mail addresses. These are people who moved to the site and left their data in order to get into the closed beta test of the game.

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