Dive into the world of DinoWars 🦖

DinoWars represents a separate segment of Play2Earn projects - blockchain-based battle royal. The main goal of DinoWars 🦖 is to bring the traditional mechanics of Free2Play games to Play2Earn, basing them on a smart contract system to maintain a transparent reward system and stable game balance.

DinoWars is released for mobile platforms (iOS and Android), so every player can join the game anytime. The unique game setting, exciting information about the game world, pleasant design, and animation make the gameplay as enjoyable as possible for the player. This is not to mention more than 15 playable characters and a large number of unique equipment for them.

DinoWars 🦖 is more than just another battle royale. This is an excellent platform for people looking for an exciting game, entry into the crypto world, competitions, and valuable rewards for their skills. DinoWars uses Play2Earn principles much more than just "Click2Earn" and brings exciting gameplay, high replayability, and robust mechanisms to attract players. We aim to help players get rewards for their skills and strategies, not just farming for DeFi users.

DinoWars has a defined vision of what the products should be, and the team focuses on making it interesting for players. Therefore, DinoWars adheres to the following values:

1️⃣ Free2Play in the crypto world - a simple start, without registrations, deposits, buying NFTs and complex operations; just join the game and start playing;

2️⃣ Incentives for early players and bonuses for newcomers;

3️⃣ Transparent rewards distribution and profit model, clear Play2Earn case for users;

4️⃣ Decentralized rewards system and in-game token utility;

5️⃣ Popular game mechanics - battle royale;

6️⃣ Access from mobile platforms;

7️⃣ "Fun to play": unique game setting, many characters, loot, and level-up system, high replayability. We don't limit you with energy or playing time. You can play all day, wherever you are. Boring meeting? Why not play a couple of battles and earn some money!

8️⃣ User's interest: in-game events, regular activities, daily rewards, lotteries and chests with rewards, and many other events.

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