We plan to get into esports thoroughly. So after the open beta test, the first thing we will implement is tournaments (both single and team).

We plan to hold the first tournaments for free with a large prize fund, which we plan to generate from the operating profit of the company. We consider that this will give a very strong boost to the development of the game, based on the number of our partners, streamers and the E-mail base that we have formed and keep adding.

We do this in order to bring P2E to a new level + add virality to the project. Imagine, you can enter the game, do not invest anything and win a million… This will not leave anyone indifferent and will increase the conversion in traffic marketing channels and conversion.

Tournaments open up a large field for working with streamers and give various bloggers the opportunity to shoot game strategies and cool game moments.

In the future, this will be another tool for monetization, since you can either win a ticket to the tournament or make a contribution to get into the tournament.

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