Our Vision

We view DinoWars as a game that will help rethink and upgrade the Play2Earn segment, merge traditional gameplay with the crypto world and bring what gamers are looking for – the combination of interesting gameplay and rewards for their skills. We believe that the planned launch of both the Android and iOS versions will increase game adoption to the highest level.

More than Play, more than Earn

DinoWars 🦖 is more than just another battle royale. It is a big platform for people who are looking for an interesting game, a ticket to the crypto world, competitions and valuable rewards for their skills. DinoWars takes the Play2Earn principles beyond simply “Click2Earn”, bringing exciting gameplay, high replayability, and powerful mechanisms to engage players. Our goal is to help players get rewards thanks to their skills and not just farming yield.

Free2Play comes to crypto

DinoWars can see a high threshold for entering the crypto world in general and Play2Earn in particular.

That's why we are working on enabling the easiest way to start for players – open the game, get a character and start playing. No subscriptions, no deposits, no registrations – the user should be able to start playing without any additional actions, spending money or going through complex authorizations.

Meanwhile, players should get carefully balanced game mechanics that will not allow them to have "just one try". For this reason, we have implemented the automatic game balance maintenance mechanism reinforced by smart contracts. It allows players not to get simply "kicked out" of the game because they missed one click, came across overpowered opponents, or have no money in their account. All these effects are already taken into consideration by game mechanics.

Crypto gets closer to cybersport than ever

The crypto and game worlds are extremely compatible. Cryptocurrencies are much more than just a payment gateway connected to the game or a Click2Play coded on top of a farming platform.

That is why, DinoWars is already planning the functionality for holding tournaments, organizing guilds and managing a leaderboard with a ranking system of rewards. The vision of DinoWars is that players should compete with real people in live matches, create teams, conduct streams, and thus, receive rewards for their skills.

Communicate & Earn

We are sure that the foundation of any game is the community of players. That is why DinoWars will allow each player to enter a large community or create their own communities together with friends.

With pre-planned guilds, DinoWars allows users to play in team mode and earn together in a system of cooperative tournament staking.

Playing DinoWars with friends brings not only more fun but more rewards as well. Unlike farming-centered platforms that are focused on single players and incentives only to "get more tokens", DinoWars emphasizes the value of communication between players, the development of forums and large events for the entire community.

No more boring NFT

NFTs should not dictate the terms and rules of the game – they should serve players. That is why, unlike many Play2Earn games, DinoWars uses NFTs exclusively with a utilitarian purpose.

DinoWars players will be able to get new characters, power-ups, bonuses and artifacts that will allow for creating a unique game strategy. We will launch an NFT marketplace for players to buy or exchange features. The goal would be not to speculate on NFTs but to improve the game strategy, change their approach and make the equipment stronger and more suitable for their game style.

Play2Earn & Learn

DinoWars offers a unique setting where players can take part in exciting matches and earn valuable rewards for their crypto portfolio. But most importantly, the game also provides a unique opportunity to learn more about the fascinating world of the Mesozoic era. That is why we are preparing an educational portal for players both on the setting of the game and the amazing archaeological world behind it. This will help us not only expand game adoption but also facilitate the onboarding for the teenage audience, which will open the doors to the crypto world for them.

Increase your crypto portfolio

DinoWars provides an opportunity to replenish your portfolio with just your skills. The rewards for each game you win, an elaborate rating system, an automatic mechanism for balancing opponents in a match – all of these are made to ensure that your rewards depend on your skills alone and not other factors.

Besides, every player gets an incentive to take first place in the ranking to get even more rewards. DinoWars offers a very simple, transparent and clear system: if you win a battle, you get a reward; if you get a higher rank, you get an even bigger reward. Since the reward system is fully decentralized and built on smart contracts, you always have access to the earned tokens right in your wallet. And no custody – all earned rewards belong to the player and no one else.

The DinoWars mission includes the following:

1️⃣bring a fresh case to Play2Earn;

2️⃣ offer a transparent, decentralized reward system;

3️⃣ provide players with an exciting game with catchy mechanics;

4️⃣ focus on gamers and the gaming community;

5️⃣ motivate users with large events and daily activities;

6️⃣ develop a competitive gameplay;

7️⃣ bring replayability;

8️⃣ give players the opportunity to build guilds and communities.

That is why DinoWars 🦖 is a competitive replayable game with a large number of mechanics, which will gather a strong gaming community with different preferences for gameplay and game characters.

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