Game mechanics

To participate in matches, the player chooses one of the in-game characters. Each character is unique and has its own set of skills and a special appearance. Several unique strategies can be developed based on the character. At the initial stage of release, each DinoWars 🦖 participant will have 3 characters to choose from There are plans for at least 15 characters to be released monthly with subsequent updates. New characters will be available through lottery and event prizes or purchased on the marketplace with DINW tokens.

Each character has a unique set of skills, so the player can form his own strategy both for playing for each character and against opponents. The sheer variety of characters and the variety of techniques that can be built with them is one of the pillars of DinoWars 🦖 replayability. This is the pillar on which the community will be built, with its forums, concurrency, debates, and discussions.

All new characters will be made as NFTs and minted on-chain. In this way, each player will really own their characters. And any upgrades and additions will also be recorded on-chain. Of course, the first three free game characters cannot be transferred or sold on the marketplace - and therefore, cannot be lost and will always be available to the player.

DinoWars has plans for a set of different skins as a bonus to each player. Those will not affect the game mechanics but are aimed at raising the individuality of each player.

The entire battle royale in DinoWars takes place on a large map that corresponds to the style of the prehistoric world. The map is divided into several unique locations with its own bonuses and buffs, with different chances of encountering them during the gameplay.

All players will compete on a large map corresponding to the prehistoric world's style. The map is divided into several terrains of different natures. Such an approach creates diversity for the application of different game strategies. Each terrain contains unique landscapes that you can use in your tactics. Bushes and lakes for ambushes, rocks and trees to hide behind, narrow paths where you can set traps, and vast areas for duels.

At the same time, according to the battle royale tradition, the game map decreases as the match progresses. So you can choose a risky strategy near the edge of the map to remain the last unnoticed.

In addition, DinoWars 🦖 plans many events for its players, taking into account seasonal and holiday events. And so, there will be many more exciting additions to the map and its locations, with updates tied to additional matchmaking strategies and extra bonuses at event locations.

Each terrain of the game map contains hostile NPCs that will make life difficult for players and bring new elements to the gameplay. However, NPCs are not there for nothing - defeating any of them gives you a chance to get a weapon for the match, pick up a bonus, or buff.

Also, a unique character - the main boss - is always on the map. This is a difficult opponent, maybe even more difficult than other players. But it does offer a chance to win wearable equipment for your character of random rarity. The received item is immediately minted as an NFT. So you get it in any case, even if you are eliminated from the match without rewards - and you can use it immediately after the match ends.

This makes the gameplay even more diverse and interesting because each player will have a chance to build his strategy considering his favorite location on the map. And even with the help of grinding and farming on NPCs. Thus, the unique, balanced game mechanics work entirely for the player, allowing him to win at the expense of his skills and the planned strategy of matches participation.

All players start the match with "bare hands" armed only with their strategy. However, each player will choose a weapon that will affect the fighting style during the round. Or even vice versa - each user will look for a weapon that best suits his character. These gameplay elements will drop from defeated players, from NPCs, or appear in special locations on the map. Weapons are scattered on the map and have their own level - wooden, silver, gold, or diamond. In addition to weapons, players can get bonuses and special kits such as a first-aid kit, a shield, additional ammunition, temporary reinforcements, etc. Taking into account the variety of possible bonuses and their distinction by rarity levels, we get a huge number of options for participating in the match.

Of course, these items work only during the match - this is the additional interest of the players. For each match, you get to use different strategies, and you will modify your tactics to the current conditions.

The player can add sockets to each game character. These special additions can be opened with DINW token and are applied to each game character separately. They open additional opportunities for each character. Special skills and bonuses can be added to each socket, which will help during fights in the match.

For example:

1️⃣attack boost at low health

2️⃣ additional shield

3️⃣ "adrenaline effect"

4️⃣ automatic use of the first aid kit when receiving critical damage

5️⃣ temporary invisibility,

and many others that are currently being developed by game designers.

Unlike the sockets - which are opened instantly and separately for each character and for which DINW tokens are spent - the special skills can be purchased for the in-game token on the marketplace. Use them wisely for your adapted strategy - although the bonuses are permanent and forever with you, the match's outcome will be decided only by your skills.

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