Additional platform features

All players get the opportunity to use the protocol's internal marketplace. Of course, a marketplace is a place for transactions with on-chain items. Therefore, players can exchange their characters, wearable equipment, game items, and bonuses. All transactions are conducted in an in-game token with minimal fees to support the platform. This is another place where players can boost the earnings💰: either through the sale of items, or through their purchases to increase the level.

DinoWars 🦖 vision is to bring Play2Earn closer to eSports. One such step is to have tournaments for players. Such an approach helps DinoWars to make an incredible step for the Play2Earn adoption among the players. Tournaments between players, connecting streamer platforms, big prizes, and media exposure - all of this is an astonishing expansion that is so awaited in both crypto and gaming spheres. DinoWars will be the first protocol in the Play2Earn segment to claim a place in eSports.

DinoWars introduces a system of guilds where high-ranking players will be able to unite to increase their performance. Players will receive new opportunities to conduct interesting games and competitions and increase the level of rewards. The guild ranking system will mean that all game communities will be reflected within the game.

On the other hand, DinoWars will hold tournaments among guilds, introduce a "guild wars" system, and create a "bank" for each guild, where pooled rewards will be accumulated. And that will also include high-level items for crafting. Therefore, joining a guild brings only benefits and bonuses to all players and opens up additional opportunities.

DinoWars 🦖 evaluates the social component of the game industry. One of the main components is teamwork. Therefore, even starting from the first release, DinoWars introduces a team competition mode, where it will be possible to hold matches of 5x5 players on the game map. Invite friends, gather a team - and get more significant rewards for victory. In addition, DinoWars will integrate an audio channel for communication between team members, making the gaming experience even more socially meaningful.

We consider it an essential part of our game. DinoWars aims to adopt the best experience with the Free2Play segment. Pay attention to the game Counter Strike 1.6. Why hasn't it changed forever (with the same weapons and cards) but still remains so popular? Because you don't feel alone playing team battles. You may sit alone in a room but communicate via audio with other players, joke, swear, and keep social contact.

We believe this is a crucial component of success in DinoWars🦖

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