In-game activities

DinoWars cares about players and their interests. So, we introduce various game activities for each player. These are daily casual activities where players have to enter the game daily to get more bonuses. And by building a chain of continuous visits to the game, you can get valuable rewards.

These are also regular daily tasks, for the completion of which players receive bonuses and valuable items.

These are regular events - holiday events, seasonal activities, regular tournaments, etc.

There will be no boring periods in DinoWars 🦖: for each visit to the game, all users receive engaging activities, quests, and rewards.

DinoWars is based on three main principles:

1️⃣ maintaining high player engagement;

2️⃣ building a reliable and transparent system of rewards for skills and activities;

3️⃣ preserving balance within the game.

That is why the system of casual activities is an important component of the gameplay, and that is why it is based on a set of smart contracts.

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