Each character in the player's collection has its own level. This level is determined by the equipment that is worn by the character. And the level determines the game's difficulty the player is ready for.

For all new players, the initial match deposit is small - but so is the rewards pool made up of those deposits. Therefore, earnings on the skills are instant but slow. That's why DinoWars introduces a system of balanced levels integrated into the game mechanics. Suppose the player wants matches with more experienced players and desires more significant rewards. In that case, he can put high-level wearable equipment on the character and search for a match with him.

The higher the player's level is, the bigger the deposit for participation in the match, but the more significant the final reward. The balance system in DinoWars will ensure that only players of the same level participate in the match. The main principle of DinoWars 🦖 is that everyone earns with their skills, and therefore the game mechanics make sure that the donation will not affect the game balance. A higher level means that the competition is with the best players.

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