Wearable equipment and craft

Each game character has its own set of skills and characteristics. Players use them as the basis for building the match participation strategy. But how can a player boost his favorite character?

For this, special items are used - wearable equipment⚔. During each match, the player has the opportunity to meet the main NPC - the boss of the map. After defeating the boss, a special item drops out - part of the equipment for his character. In each battle, only 1 out of 15 players can pick up this item.

Each piece of equipment is an in-game item that remains in the player's inventory forever. These pieces are minted in the form of NFTs to ensure that they will always belong to the player and that the user has full freedom of action when it comes to such equipment. They have characteristics that can be used to boost the character, a level of rarity, and a unique image. Since the clothes will be implemented on-chain, players retain full ownership of their collection of items.

At the same time, players have a choice:

1️⃣ you can save items into your collection

2️⃣ you can sell the received equipment on the marketplace

3️⃣ items can be used to level up characters

You can put each piece of wearable equipment on your character. In this way, the characteristics will be increased, but most importantly - the player will receive a level-up. The higher the level and rarity of the items worn, the higher the player's level. And in such a way - the game's matching engine will look for other higher-level players.

In addition, each piece of wearable equipment can be leveled up even more with crafting. For a small amount of DINW Token and In-game Token, you can craft together 8 items of the same level and rarity to get an even higher level item. This opens up a whole new layer of possibilities for players, as it will encourage them to search for new equipment, farm NPCs on the map, trade in the marketplace, and communicate with other players in search of new items for their collection.

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