Game start

Each player can join a match at any time during the game. At this moment, the game's internal matching engine will select a match for the player - or, more precisely, choose similar requests from other players. The game clearly maintains a balance: each player has a certain level, thanks to his game character and equipment, so the engine selects only players with a matching level. Therefore, the player can not worry - he will always play only against equal opponents. One of the main principles of DinoWars 🦖 is that you win at the expense of your skill and developed game strategy, and not at the expense of donations or balance violations.

The player must also choose a game character to participate in the match. From the beginning, every DinoWars user gets the first three game characters for free even if he joins the game for the first time. Therefore, everyone has a choice about how to organize their game strategy.

So, the game's internal engine matches equal players into the current match. In general, a battle royale match is designed for 15 players and lasts up to 6 minutes. The mechanics are simple: choose weapons, use skills and bonuses, bypass NPCs on the map, and defeat other players. Be the last one out of the match and get a reward.

Besides the rewards for participating in the match, the player gets a chance to get new equipment for his characters and the necessary components for leveling up.

To participate in the match, the player will use in-game tokens. And users receive rewards in it as well. In-game tokens are implemented on-chain, accessible directly in the player's wallet. Therefore, everyone has complete control over their expenses and rewards.

Before the start of the match, during the match search stage, the player deposits a certain number of game tokens (according to his level) into the game reward pool for the match. Thus, 15 players will make 15 deposits and form their own reward pool. At the same time, the DinoWars platform keeps a small fee from the game pool as a service fee.

Players are eliminated from the match one by one - this is how a battle royal is arranged. The first 10 eliminated players will remain without awards - they will have the opportunity to try their hand at the next match. According to the ranking system, the last 5 players will receive rewards from the pool proportionally. The fifth person to be eliminated gets their deposit back. The winner of the match gets a chance to increase his primary deposit several times. Besides, the higher your level is, the greater the reward in a game will be (with opponents of the same level). Players are constantly encouraged to increase their level in the game and power up their characters to get more profit.

Since the entire game token supply is fully backed by stablecoin, the winners of the match actually receive valuable rewards, which they can later withdraw from the platform and use as they see fit.

One of the main principles of DinoWars 🦖 is that every player gets the opportunity to play anywhere and without obstacles. Therefore, in order to reduce the number of steps a new player has to take, DinoWars provides a support program.

Each new player who enters the game for the first time receives in-game tokens for free: the amount will be sufficient to cover participation in three game matches. But the user gets these tokens for targeted actions necessary for the platform. For example - for social activities, like reposts and subscriptions to social networks (though tasks may vary). Therefore, everyone can start earning on their skills without additional deposits.

In order to preserve the game balance and internal economy, the free tokens the player receives are non-liquid. They cannot be taken out of the platform, but they can be used in full to participate in matches or to pay commissions in other in-game services. At the same time, all awards received in matches over spent non-liquid in-game tokens are valuable and are fully owned by the player.

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