Why DinoWars is different

1️⃣ DinoWars is not based on NFTs - it uses them as a useful but additional tool.

2️⃣ Governance and in-game tokens are separated - the game is not based on a volatile asset.

3️⃣ The in-game token has a stable price and is fully backed by a stablecoin.

4️⃣ The primary revenue is based on the gameplay. The profit comes in the form of stablecoin, which makes the game independent of the volatile governance token.

5️⃣ Transparent gameplay. DinoWars is a battle royale with its own decentralized monetization system, separated from the gameplay.

6️⃣ The blockchain part of the game has the in-game token and in-game items at its core. Thus, the player can see all his expenses, all profits, and everything he owns.

7️⃣ High demand, as it is a natural and popular game mechanic ported to the web3 world.

8️⃣ Significant distribution among players, as the game has straightforward gameplay, a transparent system of rewards, apparent interactions with the blockchain, and access from mobile platforms.

9️⃣ Regular game events, familiar mechanics, daily activities, in-game rewards, chances to win rare and legendary items and characters - all of these are an inevitable part of DinoWars. Therefore, it creates high interest and demand.

1️⃣0️⃣ High replayability due to the variety of characters with different characteristics, skills, and game strategies. Along with the planned new characters, level-up system, and loot usage, players get an enjoyable gameplay experience.

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