Two tokens

A decent Play2Earn game requires a transparent internal economy and rewards mechanism. These factors influence the quality of the gameplay and how easily users can start playing. And this directly affects the number of players and the size of the community.

As we have previously said when talking about the Play2Earn issues, many games build their mechanics either around a complex and non-transparent farming process, or based on token price speculations, or focusing on the profit from NFT sales. Each of these schemes might be beneficial in a way, but they all have two major flaws: they don't mesh well with the game plot and mechanics and offer unstable sources of income for players. That is, the game loses both the play part and the earn part.

With all that said, we want to assure you that DinoWars 🦖 is fully aware of the need for a transparent non-speculative decentralized reward scheme and revenue sources. We aim to develop and bring such a system to our community.

In order to avoid any possibility of speculative influence on the game mechanics and to decouple the in-game economy from the external influence of the volatile market, DinoWars introduces a two-token system.

Thus, we have a clear separation:

1️⃣ One token controls the protocol but has no effect on game mechanics.

2️⃣ The second token is fully integrated into the game and has no volatility or outside influence.

At the same time, we have a transparent and decentralized protocol economy due to the implementation of all logic on smart contracts.

DinoWar has its own governance token - DINW🦖.

The main functions of the token:

1️⃣ Governance – DinoWars will become a DAO-powered protocol with a native token for protocol development and parameter tuning decisions.

2️⃣ Staking – users will have several staking options to participate in the game lottery and get a chance to win bonuses and items in the daily events.

3️⃣ Marketplace – the game marketplace will offer different items that can be purchased only with the help of the governance token. These will be auxiliary and non-game items that will not affect game mechanics so as not to stimulate the donation mechanism. Also, users will be able to buy new game characters and particular items to change the strategy of the matches.

4️⃣ Discovery of new characters

5️⃣ Opening sockets on characters for additional bonuses and skills

6️⃣ Craft wearable equipment to level up - Players will be able to breed their equipment to get new features and combinations. This opportunity will also become available with the help of the governance token.

Moreover, the governance token will participate in the protocol-driven buy-back and burn program. And for extra player motivation, it will serve as one of the prizes in the lottery, a reward for daily events and constant participation in the game.

However, it should be noted that all methods of governance token emission (lottery, daily rewards, etc.) are strictly regulated by protocol parameters to prevent a sudden increase in supply. The governance token utility is designed to prevent any speculative use

DinoWars 🦖 has an internal game token. It is detached from the outside world and is used only within the game mechanics. The main idea behind such a token is to eliminate the possibility of speculation due to volatility, reduce the influence of donation schemes and make the game balanced for all participants.

Yet, it still should be noted that the token is a smart contract, so each user can always access their balance, and all the rewards belong exclusively to them.

The in-game token has a fixed price guaranteed by the protocol. DinoWars provides a smart contract that serves as a gateway between in-game and out-of-game processes. The gateway allows users to buy tokens, preserving stablecoins on the contract. Thus, the in-game token is fully backed by stablecoins.

This is especially important since the gateway works both ways – the player can withdraw their profit (earned in the form of in-game tokens) to stablecoin. And with full coverage of the entire in-game token supply, players get a guaranteed opportunity to withdraw the winnings.

Please note that the platform keeps a small fee for providing the service of converting in-game tokens to stablecoins.

The main properties of the in-game token:

1️⃣ has a stable price and can only be purchased through a gateway on the platform

2️⃣ has full stablecoin coverage - so the player can withdraw his winnings at any time

3️⃣ used to deposit into the match rewards pool

4️⃣ used for rewards for winning a match

5️⃣ used for purchase bonuses and power-ups for characters

6️⃣ used for marketplace operations

7️⃣ used to pay commissions in internal processes within the game

The DinoWars protocol is designed to keep the balance the following way:

1️⃣ the platform emits in-game tokens directly to the user's wallet at the moment of purchase;

2️⃣ the player spends tokens during matches, tournaments or at the marketplace;

3️⃣ the player earns tokens for winning a match;

4️⃣ the platform accumulates tokens with the help of transaction fees;

5️⃣ the platform distributes accumulated tokens as event rewards, lottery prizes, etc. Meanwhile, the full coverage of the in-game token supply is preserved.

All the listed features and functionality of both DinoWars tokens can be aggregated in a single scheme, which shows that all elements of DinoWars 🦖 work as a single mechanism and are aimed at maintaining balance within the game.

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